What do we Do?

web design and development.


There’s a notion that website design is all about the look of a website. After building them for two decades at wtg we know it’s more than that. A website’s core function is to solve problems. While a website should have good aesthetics to broaden your brand’s appeal, it’s how the website solves the problems of the customer and your business that really matters.

wtg understands the importance of your website as the hub of all your digital marketing efforts. We work with retail businesses and manufacturers to bring modern website design techniques to a hub that converts visitors into customers.

The visual design of your website, what we commonly call the “front end”, is actually the final part of the process our professional designers undertake. Getting to that final result requires research into your target audience in order to reach them.

Print is still a large part of any effective marketing campaign. wtg has extensive experience in catalog design, custom brochures, direct mail materials, trade show booths, as well as promotional merchandise and materials.

A phrase we often like to use is “the best websites are never done”. Change is constant — technologies and online search are constantly changing and websites need to change with them. Your new project with wtg will build that solid foundation to minimize the changes necessary but they will still occur.

web design services.

user experience.

Converting your visitors into customers requires understanding the experience they expect. Our team researches your target audience in order to better understand them and what they’re looking for.

The father of hockey legend Wayne Gretzky once told him, “skate to where the puck’s going, not where it’s been.” wtg reviews your business and its goals with you to build a website that speaks to that business you want to reach while retaining your current customers.

The philosophy that drives us in delivering on that user experience is one based on research. We don’t guess at what works for your business, we do our homework. At the start of your project we will get to know you and your business, your objectives, and establish goals for your new site. Then, our team will dive into the research, looking at the what matters to your customers and deliver a site that speaks to them.

visual design.

Creating the look that speaks to your brand is one of the key objectives of our visual design services. Our team of talented designers take the research into your business and pair it with design inspiration to reach your targeted audience.

You may have heard a lot of jargon such as “mobile friendly” and “responsive design” thrown around. We like to say “we build forever websites.” Since web technologies are constantly changing, our team is constantly learning and adapting to build a site meant to be with you for the long haul.

While we apply these principles often referenced in the jargon, we break it down to something that is simple to understand. We don’t just build a website for you, we build a website with you. Your are an important part of the process to reaching new customers with a design that speaks to your brand.

web development services.

wordpress development.

WordPress powers over 60 million websites across the world and is the platform we do all our work on. Using this flexible and extensible platform, we are able to take the pain out of building completely customized websites.

Where other platforms have a high cost of entry as well as a high degree of complexity, WordPress is built on a foundation of simplicity. Using this foundation, Yellow House is able to deliver value up front and over the long-term.

We’ve built WordPress sites for our entire history and employ website developers who are experts at it. Drawing on this vast experience we can help you build a site that connects with your business processes and makes things as seamless as possible. From simple forms and lead generation to more complex techniques and analytics gathering, we do it all.

custom integrations.

Focusing on our niche in digital marketing, wtg has access tot tools that integrate with both manufacturers and suppliers. These custom integrations transform your website into much more than just a brochure for your business, they make it your catalog. Focusing on products brings a depth to your site that satisfies the trend of potential customer research. This not only brings new visitors to your site but keeps them there longer to build that relationship to make them a customer.

ecommerce services.

WordPress has one of the most popular ecommerce platforms in the world, WooCommerce. By leveraging WooCommerce we go beyond just having an online store for your site, we bring you one built on content that also has a store.

Whether you are looking to do delivery, in-store pickup, or even shipping to customers directly, wtg can bring the power of WooCommerce to your site and provide a complete solution to drive sales from your website.

The importance of your store being part of your website cannot be overstated. While there are a number of ecommerce platforms available that are built to be a store, we build websites that are an experience. Coupling a highly functional website with content tied to your store will drive sales that a standalone store simply cannot do.

ongoing managed services.

managed development services.

With our website managed services programs you can pick a pace that will allow you to maintain your website with a consistent budget. By utilizing these services you can avoid costly website redesign projects further down the road and give you the “forever website” we seek to provide.

managed content services.

In order to remain that hub of your digital marketing efforts, your website needs fresh and updated content to reach new visitors. Our managed marketing programs are built on a strategy to keep you in front of your target audience. Going beyond just a landing page or another campaign, we use research and strategy to attract new visitors and convert them to customers.

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