Who are we?

We’re A full-service photography and videography studio.

About Us.

why photography?

In working with many SMB clients over the years we continually came across one problem almost all of them had – high-quality and reasonably priced photography and video. Many of them had the latest “video expert” or “drone guy” come by trying to sell their services only to leave them disappointed. As photography has been a long-time hobby of our principal, we decided to add it to our array of services.

our capabilities.

  • real estate
  • landscape
  • portraiture
  • live events
  • live theatre
  • live music

did you know?

You need an FAA license for any commercial drone photography?

president / proprietor

guy finley

  • award-winning photographer
  • FAA Part 107 Licensed Drone Pilot
  • 20+ years of professional photography experience
  • fully insured

real estate / roofing pricing

All of our pricing is done on a per-project, estimated basis. Any photographer that quotes a flat-rate for each project is not a photographer – they’re a sausage maker. Every project is unique with weather, lighting, terrain, structure, and other conditions that can cause one project of the same type to be more labor intensive than another. 

The pricing below is to give you some guidance on setting your budget and the different types of services that are available.


townhouses / small homes
$ 250
  • 20 edited still images


larger detached homes
$ 500
  • 60-sec video overview
  • 30 edited still images


large properties
$ 1000
  • 30 and 60-sec video overview
  • 40 edited still images


very large properties & estates
$ 1500
  • full color-correction
  • 30 and 60-sec video overview
  • 50 edited still images


These packages are merely to give ideas for price ranges. Custom tailor your needs to the project in question – tell us what your budget is and we’ll quote your deliverables.

  • floorplans
  • 3D interior modeling
  • aerial tomography
  • twilight shooting

Photography Request

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