Facebook Pages – Roll With The Changes!

If there’s one thing you can count on about every year, it’s Facebook making some changes to Pages. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, they’re coming and you need to be ready for them. I think this round is a nice change, so let’s take a look at the latest round.

Facebook Cover Dimensions Same – Overlap Gone!

Anyone designing or marketing on Facebook has had to deal with the dreaded cover image. Facebook only lets you upload one image to use as a cover image and then hacks and slashes it in a myriad of ways depending on the device and place being used. This led designers to use templates like my humorous one above (thanks to twelveskip for a nice simple one that I’ve used for a while) to keep track of where you can put important elements. If you’ve ever seen a weirdly cropped image on someone’s Facebook page it might be because they didn’t put much thought into designing it or the designer did the best they could.

Fortunately, part of those problems are solved. We still need to deal with how the sides will get lopped off on mobile but Facebook has moved the profile photo up to the top left corner of the page and moved the buttons under the cover. This means the large area at the bottom that Facebook would encroach into is now no more (and there was much rejoicing everywhere!).

This results in a much cleaner look and gives more usable space on covers. Well done.

Call To Action Love

Facebook’s buttons were okay before. You could customize the links that were at the bottom of your cover image so you could drive some interaction with your visitors. There was no clear prominent button to take action on anything though (marketing blasphemy). Facebook has fixed that with a nice big blue CTA button for you to customize. For a double bonus, it doesn’t cut into your cover photo!

Facebook Screen Capture

Nice call to action button, I now have work to do!

Smarter Navigation

Previously visitors to your Facebook page had to do some digging to try to find key information about you. Now they’ve streamlined that into a nice navigation bar on the left side and slimmed down the right side. This should do boatloads of love for UX (user experience) on your page as visitors can quickly and easily find more about you, your services and what others think about you.

Summary – Like!

All in all these are three great changes that will make your designer and/or social media marketer’s job much easier. Facebook Pages are a huge piece of engaging with your current and prospective customers and this should go a long way to helping you do just that. So, Facebook 2016 Page changes gets a like from WTG.

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