Facebook Pages – Roll With The Changes!

If there’s one thing you can count on about every year, it’s Facebook making some changes to Pages. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, they’re coming and you need to be ready for them. I think this round is a nice change, so let’s take a look at the latest round. Facebook Cover Dimensions Same – Overlap […]

Design & Information Architecture Evolution in Enterprise

For many years the enterprise user has toiled with the tools given to do their daily work shackled to the decisions of leaders who never had to use the product they were buying. Where the holy triad of speed, cost and quality represented in the size of their importance to the enterprise software buyer it […]

UI & UX — Combination and Confusion

Last year I started on a new team that was going through quite a few problems with a pretty major initiative. The meetings were the daily “fire extinguishing” types trying to get things back on track. I strolled in as the newcomer and wasn’t even expected to contribute much given my intended duties. As usual, […]